Episodes: 12Status: Completed

Sato Yo is a high school boy who likes SEGA games. One day, he enters a grocery store to buy some food for dinner. When he tries to take a bento box, he loses consciousness. He comes around to find all the bento sold out. He notices there is a war game going on at grocery stores and players called "Wolves" compete for the half-priced bento. Yarizui Sen, the leader of the Half-Pricer Club, forces Yo to join the club and he enters the bento war.

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  • Ben-To 12Domestic Eel Bento 790kcalSUBBEDDUBBED
  • Ben-To 11Pocari Sweat 125kcalSUBBEDDUBBED
  • Ben-To 10It was a Warm Gentle Flavor that Reminded Me of my Grandmother. A Japanese Dish that was Kind to Both Body and Soul. Plum and Dried Baby Sardines overSUBBEDDUBBED
  • Ben-To 9Western and Japanese Food Mix 2910 kcal and Warm Rice Porridge 340 kcalSUBBEDDUBBED
  • Ben-To 8Jumbo Garlic Chive Hamburger Patty Lunch 765 kcalSUBBEDDUBBED
  • Ben-To 7Omelettits 752 kcal and Tent of Seafood 1100 kcalSUBBEDDUBBED
  • Ben-To 6Special Seasoned Duck 795 kcalSUBBEDDUBBED
  • Ben-To 5Fish Soup with Hokkaido Sake 326 kcalSUBBEDDUBBED
  • Ben-To 4Pork Fried with Ginger 852 kcalSUBBEDDUBBED
  • Ben-To 3Fried Cheese Curry XL Bowl 1080 kcalSUBBEDDUBBED
  • Ben-To 2Mackerel Boiled in Miso Bento 674 kcalSUBBEDDUBBED
  • Ben-To 1Sticky Natto Okra Rice with Cheese Topping Bento 440 kcalSUBBEDDUBBED