Episodes: 25Status: Completed

Teppei is going to visit his older brother Kotaro Takamiya during a scientific conference after training with a mysterious woman named Karen for the past 11 years. However his plans for a family reunion become stalled when a woman named Aramis kills everyone in the conference to kidnap Kotaro. Teppei on the way to save his brother encounters a broken mechanical horse called B't X who revives thanks to Teppei's blood and is now his aide to save his brother from the mysterious Machine Empire.

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  • B'tX 25Overthrow! B't RaphaelSUBBED
  • B'tX 24Burn! A Piece of the SunSUBBED
  • B'tX 23Flash of Light! Shining KnuckleSUBBED
  • B'tX 22The Worst! The Area's Seven Evil KnightsSUBBED
  • B'tX 21Reborn! The Neo B't XSUBBED
  • B'tX 20Life! Break HeartSUBBED
  • B'tX 19Desperate! X's DeathSUBBED
  • B'tX 18The Dark! Fear of the UnderhellSUBBED
  • B'tX 17Appear! Shadow X!SUBBED
  • B'tX 16Revived! The Prism of AuraSUBBED
  • B'tX 15Blast! Message to the ReaperSUBBED
  • B'tX 14Tragic! Maria Who Lives in the GraveyardSUBBED
  • B'tX 13Buddy! The Bond of a Passionate SoulSUBBED
  • B'tX 12Formidable Enemy! The Warrior, KaosSUBBED
  • B'tX 11Invincible! Spirit General of the East, RonSUBBED
  • B'tX 10Chase! Metal Face Counterattacks!SUBBED
  • B'tX 9Fear! Evil Flower!SUBBED
  • B'tX 8Magnificent! The Dazzling Solder, Kamiura!SUBBED
  • B'tX 7Frightening! The Mystery of the Machine Emperor!SUBBED
  • B'tX 6Fear! The Watch Man, Pirate in the Desert!SUBBED
  • B'tX 5Departure! Desperate Battle RoadSUBBED
  • B'tX 4Appearance! The Legendary Spirit KnightSUBBED
  • B'tX 3Confrontation! The Machine EmpireSUBBED
  • B'tX 2Rebirth! The Sun BattlerSUBBED
  • B'tX 1Miracle! The Revival of B't X!SUBBED